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Thursday, December 27, 2018

WPP Energy - The introduction of the best technology from WPP energy

This time we will discuss about the ICO quality. This we can make the ICO as a means of investment if you guys is Hunter ICO is highly recommended. It is time the ICO with the requirement of mining, who does not know? mining is a means in cryptocurrency in passive profit with the various tools needed such as vga, rigs etc. Not only that, the required capital to put up various equipment mining belongs to expensive also. This time the ICO is very suitable for those who want to mine with a capital already determined or cheaper than before.
WPP energy is the ICO and the very successful. ICO they also have backup from the Government. WPP energy has 5 stages with variations on each discount sales stages. 70% discount for the first stage, the Second Stage with a 60% discount on the Third Stage, with a discount of 50%, the Fourth Stage with a discount of 40%, the fifth Stage or late stage with the discount of 35% (ongoing). You can buy tokens WPP with ICO and price got the discount of 35% of the tokens that you buy. You can purchase them directly through the website Token WPP Energy at a price specified.

WPP is a repository for disruptive green energy and environmental technologies which we build or intend to build, own, operate and maintain. We also license technology and enter into strategic joint venture partnerships for the purpose of accelerating the deployment of important environmentally friendly technologies for the benefit of the entire world.
  Headquartered in Geneva Switzerland, WPP Energy GmbH are world leaders in the renewable energy industry since 2009, led by President Mr. Rafael Ben with over 30 years’ experience in the sector and guest speaker and lecturer at international Green Energy Summits.
WPP has the best technology, let us refer to:
- WPP Truck 

 A mobile waste plant that collects, processes and converts all types of waste into biofuels with zero pollution, eliminates landfill waste by up to 97%.The Mobile Waste Plant is capable of collecting, processing and converting 36 Tons of MSW per day, PER TRUCK, with Zero Pollution. MSW is domestic solid waste including plastics, household waste, grass and garden, Biomass, animal fat, used cooking oil, plastics, and pruning’s. The truck can also gasify medical waste. 

WPP has a critically important green energy solution for the betterment of the world by converting as many as possible of an estimated 20,000 worldwide existing polluting Power Plants into a HHO solution which reduces their emissions by 80 to 90%. This initiative by WPP will grow the size of the renewable energy sector which is already a massive multi billion dollar market, as shown in the chart bellow. WPP ENERGY and its team of partner scientists has conducted R&D over the past 3 years using advanced technologies to discover innovative methods to convert polluting power plants to clean energy. The WPP Team and AEG Industrial Engineering team will merge efforts to rapidly scale the production of the HHO Conversion Solution. This will ensure market demand and client expectations are met. Both WPP ENERGY and AEG INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING understand that the world has been waiting for such aviable solution to dramatically reduce global global pollution and warming, global demand for this solution is expected to be extremely strong. WPP’s initial focus is to convert existing polluting power plants that operate on Coal and Natural Gas to run as clean and environmentally friendly as possible. Oil and Gasoline plants will be addressed at a later stage, Power Plants can expect a reduction in operating costs by to 50% in some cases. An improvement in operating efficiency by 20 to 40%. 
- WPP Energy Mobile Power Station
 Introducing the WPP ENERGY HHO MOBILE POWER STATION which is housed inside a sealed heavy duty 40 foot Container. This is a turnkey HHO power plant that will produce between 1MW and 5.8MW (estimate only, still under development) of electricity per hour as a stand alone independent solution requiring an input of a regular water line hook-up. The innovative technology converts water into HHO mixed with a safe environmental application to enough clean electricity to power a community of up to 150,000+ homes. The solution is scalable with more hardware added.The cost of power produced by the WPP MOBILE POWER STATION is a fraction of traditional power sources. It can be delivered to your doorstep anywhere in the world. The ease of transport by air, by rail, by sea, by truck or by heavy duty helicopter means that areas in the world that are not power serviced or that are under-serviced will have a viable and immediate power source. 
- Home Owner Solution 
The WPP Home Owner/Home Business Owner offering is an instant low cost clean energy power source for those wishing to unplug from their current overpriced energy provider and enjoy their own efficient, very low cost, clean independent power source. Users will enjoy a dramatic reduction in energy costs.The HHO Home Owner Solution is projected to produce (estimate only, still under development, and final design subject to change) 5kWh, 10kWh and 20kWh.

 For a very complete explanation regarding regarding WPP energy you can read the whitepaper from WPP energy. 
If you want to monitor the development of WPP energy, you can follow the link below:
Get a full explanation and joined ICO them with follow the link below:

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