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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Vena Network - Token Exchange


What is Vena Network? 

Vena Network construct digital asset exchange, a community of decentralized funding, where every person has the capacity to process cryptocurrency P2P lending collateral and OTC trading whenever anywhere, allow for the free exchange between cryptocurrency and fiat currency.

Why Vena Network?  

Vena Network one of the ICO who have good enough quality.  Vena Network operate ICO together with the project trading and exchange assets of cryptocurrency.  In the classes of ICO, a requirement of many sought after by large investors was a job exchange one of them.  Vena Network is observed in regard to his job is a job of interest this season.

Attributes Of Vena Network

- Multi-chain installation & cross-chain asset trades

- Distributed jury system works as the Principal transaction security mechanism

- Vena nodes may reap the benefits of transaction prices by setting nodes based on the Vena protocol

- Both parties of the trade need not rely on a third party trustworthy intermediary, the safety of the trade is ensured from the protocol

- Use Aragon applications to realize decentralized direction

Vena Node Network

The most important role of this Vena node network would be to foster the liquidity of Vena Network, Vena node can utilize Vena SDK to customize and provide users with comprehensive transaction services such as but not restricted to lending, asset transactions, credit rating, contract plug trade, etc., and also earn gain by collecting charges.

Licensed Vena Nodes need to have qualification in Addition to expertise in micro-loan operation and abide by the laws, regulations, and policies of this Area where they operate

Accredited Vena nodes will deposit VENA Token as a promise according to a particular percentage in the Vena Foundation

High Liquidity
Certified Vena nodes can put orders into shared liquidity pool, Vena nodes may share orders and earn fees by promoting trades, and Enhance liquidity of transaction network by economic incentive of benefit sharing

Digital assets of users are stored in their wallets or secured in smart contract. Vena nodes don't hold digital resources of consumers, thus avoiding the moral danger of platform running off. At the same time, it also significantly reduces the cost of safety required for advantage deposit for nodes

Jury Network 

 Jury network is applied to situations where smart contract is unable to deal with and it will submit results to smart contract

Juror Program
To join the Jury of Vena Network, it's required to submit an application to Vena DAO and supply evidence of identity. After the application is accepted, it is needed to Take Part in the Internet training and Evaluation of the Vena Jury

The full set of arbitration applications runs on the infrastructure built by Ethereum and IPFS. Through an easy user interface, the jurors can quickly receive the evidence filed by both parties and also arbitrate

Economic Incentive and Guarantee Deposit
In order to motivate the jurors to work out the jury electricity properly, the jurors will deposit a certain amount of VENA Token in Vena DAO

Exit Mechanism
An exit mechanism will be initiated if the Conditions happen during the contract period as follows: A. Jurors volunteer to exit B. Get fined greater than 5 occasions throughout the contract term C. Vena DAO Committee decides that the juror has obvious misconduct (such as conspiracy to commit fraud)





 Penulis: Innerpumper

ETH wallet:  0x8F5706C0De7775910F8E593f60d50897C43E7f0c 

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