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Friday, August 3, 2018

HyperQuant - A multifunctional Fintech Platform Built With Decentralized Systems

Hello all!

Cryptocurrency in the era of the now very popular and widely used by the local community. There are a great many functions from cryptocurrency. In addition, cryptocurrency can generate passive income. If Cryptocurrency is used as a means of transacting then very much upside because Transact using cryptocurrecy very fast, secure, and transparent. Cryptocurrency can also be used as a passive job that can add a passive income.

Cryptocurrency can be used as an extra income in several ways. namely: Mining, Faucet, Trading. Three way is the best way to earn some extra income by cryptocurrency. I will explain how to get income from the three methods above.

Faucet is a simple get income by getting a little cryptocurrecy. Faucet usually use the web to see the ad and then wait again with the specified time and repeats continuously until enough to do withdraw/withdrawal. Examples of popular faucet site is FaucetHub. 

FaucetHub is a site that provides a very popular Faucet. Here you can get a passive income with very easy and free. FaucetHub has been proven legit!

Mining is a very good way to get cryptocurrency so that it can be used as passive income or additional income which is very fair. However, Mining or mining requires a hefty capital a lot of capital to get behind and benefit from the results of the dig. The way this is the way used by the big players to get cryptocurrency with the way his capital because of mined not one bit. To purchase a mine only cost more or less is 1 bitcoin.

Benefit from mine depending on the capital and altcoin are mined. The more the altcoin mine it will be increasingly difficult to profit from mining. For example if we mine the bitcoin. Of course, we will certainly be a long wait for the return of capital especially, profited from mine bitcoin. Any benefit is very small. Why is this so? Because of the interest in the bitcoin is very much so a price of bitcoin is very expensive. Get no matter it is extremely difficult even though the bitcoin has in mine.

There are two ways to profit from the mining altcoin.

With a large capital - capital greatly affect revenue to get the passive income or additional income through mining altcoin. The larger the mined altcoin enthusiasts. Then, the required capital in mining is quite large in order to obtain the targeted profit. A tool rig mining is usually worth one bitcoin or equal to $100 million more. Bitcoin to mine one tool rig mining I think it is not enough to earn quickly and return of capital by a short time. Because it needed a large capital to benefit greatly.

Cheap Altcoin - apart from the capital, the cheap altcoin that has algorithms that are easier than altcoin the price is already very expensive is very good for mined. Mine altcoin cheap usually very quiet, the reward given to the miners each his hash was very large. This technique is very suitable to be used for the financier is not great however, benefit greatly. Altcoin is highly sought by miners in order to generate larger profits. When the miners already gathered a lot of cheap altcoin they will be waiting for this altcoin the price is going up and selling in larger profits. The downside of this technique is if the coin which is mined is shitcoin or altcoin that do not have a good future, it will be very loss for miners.

Trading is the best way to get a huge profit with a capital. Trading is to trade cryptocurrency which is available in a marketplace altcoin with the advantage that it can be targeted and the loss that can be minimised. Trading capital that is used varies from 100 k-100 jt is even more, in more and more trading capital owned then the benefit any more. However, you can also do a altcoin trading with very minimal capital. Advice for traders who have minimal capital or less than 25% of the price of the bitcoin then advised to trade with the altcoin are cheap because it would be more profitable for a small While, financiers for a large capital over 2 BTC nothing better you learn to capital management to maintain the stability of the market.

Did you know where traders do trade bitcoin? Very much a trading platform that can be used to find profit in trade. Among them are Hitbtc, Binance, Indodax (Indonesian), UEX, BTC-Alpha, etc. The site I mentioned this is a trusted exchange and many traders there. From large to small capital pun there. You can also try it out.

Trading has two common techniques are often worn by the master of the trade. I.e.

Technical Analysis - techniques used by the master trade to benefit from small to large. This technique in on daily trading style (daily trading) and scalpers. To use the TA you must understand with indicators, TF, chart patterns, and styles of trading. With the techniques of analysis or TA is very suitable for merchants who have a small capital because with TA you can trade by knowing the price movement of the altcoin which is traded.

Technical Fundamental  -  this technique is used by the master trade to target a very big advantage with a large capital. However, this technique is not recommended for small investors because the profit is much smaller. Incoming TF techniques on type trading style holding (investor), which normally exist when the new-born or token offers ICO or Intial Coin Offering. To use this technique you should understand and learn a new token or coin and knowing the potential of the future. With this technique they can get huge advantages even until over 500%. This technique you can find out the token or coin will you invest with potential altcoin.

Here I will introduce a trading tool in the form of software or application at once offers ICO that they run. The platform name is HyperQuant.

HyperQuant is the professional platform for automatic crypto trading, asset management, and production technology based on dApps AI, risk management, advanced Blockchain, and Fast Order Delivery Protocol. It was created by a professional who knows the quant traders industry inside-outside capital management.

All market participants from small to crypto managers investors capital professionals, a VC and hedge-fund will have access to a wide range of intelligent solutions that cover all aspects of the investment process and trade crypto crypto.

Of course, the project is in great demand of his platform. To prove that they are sought after by investors is you can see they have reached the softcap means having enough investors to succeed. The advantages of the platform HyperQuant:

Hyper Fast - Fast delivery protocol allows data transaction has the speed of light in a variety of trading platforms. Work hundreds of times faster than solutions solution, which provides a significant competitive advantage for the dApps and services.

Hyper Smart - All the components of the platform managed by HyperQuant and artificial intelligence Risk management system and constantly evolving through machine learning based on data accumulation in the Protocol.

Hyper Secured - We use a Merkle tree model and proof-of-principle of existence to store data transactions on the Ethereum Protocol blockchain. This ensures the transparency of the system and security. the system itself is very efficient in terms of traffic and computing, so even if you have 1 billion orders on a daily basis, the evidence that will take only 1 KB in size and require only 30 hashing operations.

Detail ICO
Private sale: May - June, 2018
Public pre-sale:  July, 2018
Ticker: HQT
Token type: ERC20
TGE Token Price: 1 HQT = 0.00028 ETH - 1 ETH = 3500 HQT
Fundraising Goal: 20,000 ETH
Total token supply: 200 000 000 HQT
Available for token sale: 35%
Contry: Estonia
accept: ETH
Whitelist: yes
KYC: yes
Unlock Token: Freeze during two years
Lock-up period:
Team - 1 year after the Token Generation Event
Advisors - 6 months after the TGE
Bonus - 3 months after the TGE (each months 1/3
is unlocked)
Bonuses for institutional investors will be locked
up to 6 months.

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